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Marriage Power: Salim Javed

Marriage Power:

Salim Javed

Published September 13th 2006
ISBN : 9781412087933
320 pages
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Introduction to Arabic NumerologyIt is a fact that you may be having the best of knowledge, degrees, experiences, background, etc., but if the Forces of Nature are working against you then your life comes to a stand still or is ruined becauseMoreIntroduction to Arabic NumerologyIt is a fact that you may be having the best of knowledge, degrees, experiences, background, etc., but if the Forces of Nature are working against you then your life comes to a stand still or is ruined because unknowingly you start making mistakes, hence putting you in greater trouble. When such a situation arises the victim seeks help from spiritual persons. This happens when wrong names are given or wrong marriage combinations take place or your house is against vaastu norms. To get out of such problems is not easy.One day I met Mr. Mohammad Rahat Hussain, an Arabic Numerologist. I had many problems so I went to take his advice. He told me a few things but it didnt create any interest in me, however, I began to see him often. After a week or so, a lady with her daughter came to seek his advice. She gave the name of a person and then his wifes name. Mr. Rumi calculated and spontaneously said - Is the man dead? The answer was - Yes. Her daughter was the widow. This incident had an impact on me. I forgot about Mr. Rumis abruptness and started contemplating whether a science could be that accurate. Within a short time my interest for this Science turned into an obsession. I got very much involved in it and began to dig further.What is Arabic Numerology?There are numerous Astro-Sciences, such as astrology, palmistry, numerology, horoscope, etc. Of these numerology is suppose to be the most accurate and out of all numerologies, Arabic numerology is the most authentic, accurate and has multi-purpose uses. Numerology in Hindi is called Ankh Vidya, in Urdu it is called Ilm-e-Adad and in Arabic it is called Ilm-e-Jafr. The Arabiclanguage has 28 alphabets and each of these alphabets have been given numbers the end product of which are 1 to 9. Though Arabic Numerology can predict the future, yet, we have deliberately omitted this area for religious reasons and with the notion that apart from God no human can predict the future precisely. However, we guide the people to a good future.Almighty God has created the planetary system in which he attaches every individual to a particular planet that governs and influences his life on this earth. If that individual is attached to the wrong planet owing to his name or marriage combination then he shall suffer. All the prayers become ineffective, because God cannot change the entire system for a few individuals. However, these individuals can change themselves so as to be in harmony with the system. In the words of a renowned Islamic Scholar, Mr. Khwaja Hasan Nizami - Taqdeer (destiny) has nothing to do with a mans life. It is directly connected to the Theory of Planetary System, which should have been understood by us as did our forefathers (medieval period Arabs)What is this Planetary System and how does it affect our life on this earth? The logic behind this is that the man is made of two things: Name / Number - that attaches him to his respective planet(s) Chemicals - which he receives in the form of rays from those planets.There are 9 Astro-Planets and there are 9 numbers in numerology. Every number is governed by their respective planets. Each of these planets possess different chemical configuration which influence individuals. Humans absorb chemical rays from their respective planets which develop their characteristics and have direct influence ontheir future. The chemical deficiencies, which every planet has, cause particular illnesses & bad effects on life. However, there is no scientific reasoning behind this.To authenticate this, our Guru travelled to Bengal & Bihar, which are the poorest states in India. There he found that 80% of the names and marriage combinations of the people were bad. Then he travelled to Punjab and Haryana, the richest states of India and found that 70% of the names and marriage combinations were good. The names and marriage combinations of the Muslims in Northern and Eastern India were found to be 85% bad, which proves the fact seeing their present conditions. This authenticated our claim to a large extent.You must have noticed in life that your co-workers who are unmatched to your personality, experience, qualifications, intelligence are your bosses or are much better off than you. The reason is very simple - their name or marriage combination is better than yours, hence that is what gives them an edge and power over you. Arabic Numerology says that name numbers 1,3, and 9 are good and are of those who are successful people, whereas 2,4 and 7 are average name numbers which need the support of above numbers to be effective. The bad numbers are 5, 6 and 8 and are of those who are failures in life.Now, how these names are calculated? In Arabic Numerology the names are written in Arabic. Each Arabic alphabet has a number. The numbers of each alphabet are added again and again till we derive at a single digit from 1 to 9. That number becomes the persons name number. However, there are various other methods of calculations in other forms of numerologies, such as by Date and Time of Birth, First Alphabet or Full Name.In Arabic numerology we first take the date of birth and then the first alphabet and lastly the total name number. All these are matched or derived through the best combination. Suppose a girl is born on 2nd of any given month, we shall match it with her names first alphabet and then the total name number. If we keep her name, say, Gauri. Gauri as per Arabic numerology is 2, G is also 2 and her date of birth is also 2. This is a very good name. The child will excel in life. But if her date of birth is 8th of a month, then things will be different. If we keep this childs name as Ambika (2), then that too is a very good name. Ambika starts with 1 and total name number is 2 - which is an excellent combination. Now, if we keep her name as Chandni (1), then the first alphabet of her name Ch(3) will clash with her total name number (1). Such a person will have minor problems in life. Finally, if we give her 8 number name such as Geeta, she shall then suffer in life.Hence, the factors that influence a persons characteristics & life are: Date & time of birth 10% The first alphabet of the name 30% The total name number 50% Other factors - parental, educational, environmental, etc 10%To give a boost to the name we usually recommend the people to wear gems and stones that go along with their first alphabet and the total name. This combination has done miracles in the lives of thousands of people.When calculating the name numbers of such names as Allah, God, Ishwar, Bhagwan, 786 - the end product is 3, which in Arabic Numerology also denotes a religious man if his name number is 3. Isnt this a very strange similarity. We did surveys on the namesand found out that different name number people are highly successful in one particular field Number 1 people are very successful as Administrative officers, mafia dons are mostly from No.2, No. 3 & 9 are politicians, No. 4 as business organizers and philosophers, Nos. 5, 6 & 8 are trouble makers, but are excellent sportsmen(6), women actresses(6), male actors (8), No. 9 are successful in all the fields but after a struggle.These facts do prove something.HISTORY OF NUMEROLOGYThe Science of numerology can be traced from Prophet Enoch (Prophet Idris in Islam), who was the 7th descendent of Prophet Adam and the son of Methusala. He should rightly be called the Father of Numerology. The Hebrews learnt these astro-sciences from him, which later spread and created civilizations like that of: Babylonia - the land of Prophet Noah Chaldea - the land of Prophet Abrahim Thamud - the land of Prophet Salih Hud - the land of Queen of Sheeba Egypt - the land of Pharoahs The Greeks The Aryans (India) The Mayans, etc.The Bible also gives factual references related to numerology, i.e. change of names of prophets according to the task they were to perform. Abrams name was changed to Abraham, Jacobs to Israel, Sauls name to Paul. This would mean that if they were given the task of destroying something then probably they would have been given name numbers 5, 6 or 8, like that of Moses (8), who destroyed the defiant Egyptians and David (6) who destroyed the Goliath and his army. This by itself proves that in life the name of a person, place or thing is of paramount important.Pythagoras, the great mathematician, is called the father of numerology. An Italian but he spent most ofhis time in Greece. He did enrich the Science to the greatest level and added new concepts. Greeks introduced it to the Romans. The Caesarian child was one of the many indications of numerology being practiced by the Romans.The people of these great civilizations knew that these sciences were a prelude to power and shortest cut to prosperity. All of them understood the fact that these Sciences help us to understand ourselves better, which further helps us to conduct our lives in a more orderly and organised manner.The Arabs of the 7th & 8th centuries, highly influenced by the Indian and Hebrew astro-sciences, perfected them with more accuracy and introduced many new concepts. Their astro-sciences created sensations all over Europe and Middle East between 12th to 17th centuries. It was their work in different sciences that was recommended in European universities till the 17th century. It is after this the European Renaissance began. In actual it was they who gave the world the modern revolution that we see today.These sciences were perfected by Imam Jaafar Al Sadiq, who made it reach its zenith. His disciples, such as Jaber Bin Hayyan and many more Arab Scientists influenced Europe, where as Bahlol Dana, influenced West Asia and the sub-continent. This science was used for naming a new born, marriage combinations, curing illnesses, business, knowing people, etc. However, with time this