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Crazy People Can Be Very Dangerous...: ...Am I? Catherine Santi

Crazy People Can Be Very Dangerous...: ...Am I?

Catherine Santi

Published October 19th 2009
ISBN : 9781449035617
552 pages
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 About the Book 

It was a magical romance... From the very moment these two souls united, a unique and radiant harmony was captured between them. Each and every enchanted day they shared with one another, ended in an array of beautiful memories, filled with song, laughter, and playful dreams. This love, so perfect and true, could have only been a gift from above. But with heaven comes hell... And when the demons of Capri Spectros past refused to release their wicked grip from her life, it slowly suffocated this angelic love. Those dark shadows would ultimately consume the light in Gentrys eyes, casting Capris angel away into a mysterious realm of uncertainty. He would escape with her heart in his hands, and leave behind only one hope...That he may one day return... What would become of Capri in the days that followed is where this twisted journey unfolds, for with this loss also came an unbearable reality. The burden of a painful past now weighed more heavily upon her than ever before. In a world where punishment looms in the dark storm clouds above and tears have a way of flooding the imagination, those who are sinking, may instead feel, like they are sailing. During this slow downward spiral into madness, Capri transformed into Eve, and believed wholeheartedly in her life or death pact with the Big Man upstairs. Fueled by her childhood dream of marrying John Lennon, and chasing after what appeared to be an impossible miracle, Capri began walking the tightrope of insanity, in pure certainty. Trapped in this bizarre and brokenhearted world of illusion, would the long and winding road to freedom ever reveal itself...or would Capri die trying to find it...